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Rather than proposing new designs and values, I focus on continually improving all the qualities required for bridal rings, including the quality of the metal, strength, accuracy of the joint, beauty of the finish, and comfort of the fit, etc. Therefore, I have handled the entire process myself since the establishment of the company, rather than having a division of labor with multiple craftsmen.

All rings displayed in the store are samples.
I measure the customer's exact ring size in the store and begin making the ring after receiving the order.

Shipping date

Ships within 30-45 days from order date.
Expected to arrive in approximately 10 days from the date of shipment.
I ship internationally via DHL Express for best service.
Shipping is free.


I carefully select diamonds of VVS or higher quality.

Diameter 1.35 - 1.4mm

1 Piece ¥14,300

Add engraving

Up to 20 characters can be engraved on the inside of the ring.

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