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Innumerable pieces become one, and the aggregate also functions as a single piece. There is no beginning or end, no direction, no size, no number, and no color. There is no concept.

I feel it through the existence of myself. And I use a tool called “artificiality” to try to cut out a fragment of it and use that to make something concrete. This attempt will never be truly finished.

However, by continuing to perform and refine that action, I can keep believing that I am myself.

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Minoru Hotta


Born in Aichi, Japan


Tokyo University of the Arts, BFA


Ataka Award (Tokyo University of the Arts)


Opened Minoru Hotta as a jewelry brand

2015 -

Isetan Shinjuku store

2024 -

Dawn Jewellery (香港)

Solo exhibition


Omotesando Hills

Art fair

2017 / 2018 / 2019

TEFAF Maastricht

Maastricht / Netherlands

2017 / 2018

PAN Amsterdam

Amsterdam / Netherlands

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Wedding Bands

Rather than proposing new designs and values, I focus on continually improving all the qualities required for bridal rings, including the quality of the metal, strength, accuracy of the joint, beauty of the finish, and comfort of the fit, etc. Therefore, I have handled the entire process myself since the establishment of the company, rather than having a division of labor with multiple craftsmen.


Out In


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Production process 7.jpg
Production process 8.jpg
Production process 9.jpg
Production process 10.jpg
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